Technical Mobile SEO

The mobile phone is becoming more and more indispensable as time goes by. Almost every person in the developed world own at least a single mobile phone or smart phone. People are now using their mobile phones to browse products and services online. Smart phones today allow them to do a lot of things such as pay bills, purchase products and get information. Smart phones now work just like computers.

It would be a travesty for any website owner or business owner to ignore millions of mobile users all over the world.  Your business will be losing a lot of money if it does not cater to these people. Mobile SEO Galway is a must, but how do you go about the technical aspects? How do you do it right?

The Mobile User’s Experience

Google has announced that it will not start including the mobile user’s experience in ranking results for smartphone users. Searchers vary depending on whether they were done through a mobile phone or a computer.

If you are designing your mobile page from scratch, you will have a lot of questions on your mind and this is only natural. If you have already set up the mobile experience, you can just skip some things and jump right to what you need for your site or what applies to your site.  There are three important things which you must look out for and they are:

  • Responsive design. You may have already noticed that mobile phones have smaller screens than laptops or desktops. There are some sites which will not display properly on mobile phones if they have not been optimized for mobile use. Responsive design means your site must be able to detect if screen size and build the layout accordingly.
  • Dynamic serving. The page should be able to serve different content to different users. The server should be able to detect the device being used and return the right content.
  • Mobile URL. Back in the old days it would have been very difficult and even impossible to use responsive design for users of mobile phones. It is important that Google understands the relationship and the differences between your desktop page and mobile page so that your site will be visible for people searching on both platforms.

Redirect Mapping

The best thing which site owners can do for both mobile and web search engines is to ensure that both searches redirect automatically. If mobile users are searching for anything, they should be redirected to the mobile version immediately. If users are using their desktop to access the site they should be redirected to the desktop version of the site. This will make it more convenient for users and they will have a better experience.

If users are pleased with their experience, they are likely to come back, as well as share and promote your page to others. A very important thing to remember is that your mobile page should have a desktop equivalent. You should note that there are websites which do not show ads when in mobile version.